Learning Exchange Hong Kong is a sister company of Learning Exchange Australia, established in 2014 to connect educators and learners worldwide.

The Learning Exchange Group contributes towards building a learning community focused on the academic and career development needs of both corporate and individual clients.

The solutions that we bring to our clients include:

  • educational and training consultancy
  • sourcing and distributing appropriate educational and vocational training services and products
  • customizing training programs for specific requirements
  • facilitating institutional and organizational partnerships
  • employment and internship placement of teachers and instructors

Current scope of operations in Australia, Hong Kong and China:

  • Academic Mentoring for research, writing & publication
  • Vocational training and certification
  • Entrepreneurship development program for youth
  • Butler training for hotels, clubs, yachting facilities
  • Quality homecare and aged care services for families
  • Study tours for business, educational, and community groups
  • English teachers recruitment
  • Cultural exchange programs

Our Vision

To become a globally networked company specializing in educational and training solutions that will enable learners to rise to a new level.

Our Affiliates

Learning Exchange HK is proud to be affiliated to the following organisations for various academic programs, vocational training and development programs; corporate and professional advancement, and leisure and recreational activities.

  • Open University of Hong Kong
  • City University of Hong Kong
  • City University School of Continuing and Professional Education
  • Hong Kong University School of Professional and Continuing Education
  • International Institute of Management (Hong Kong)
  • Professorial Associates (Singapore)
  • China ICEC (China)
  • Early Bird Cultural Exchange (China)
  • Great Eastern Educational Services (Hong Kong)
  • Global Education Services (Australia)

Our Team

Dr SM Cheng – Director

Experienced in academic, business and humanitarian development in many institutions in the Asia-Pacific, Dr Cheng has the vision to create opportunities for aspiring students and learners to achieve their dreams. She founded Learning Exchange Australia and Hong Kong as platforms to present her educational partners’ programs to learners everywhere.

Mr KY Lee- Senior Consultant

As a consultant for government and private sectors, Mr Lee is well-versed with educational requirements in several countries. He brings to the Learning Exchange Group his vast experience to forge collaborations with educational institutions and to invite the best to join us in our quest.

Mr YM Cheng – Senior Consultant

Mr Cheng’s vast experience in senior levels of human resource management of leading global companies is a great asset to the Learning Exchange Group.  We will source and recruit teachers and trainers for our programs with the utmost care for their welfare as well as their students’, and facilitate the best teaching-learning experience possible.